Be part of this exciting development in the amateur theatre community.

At The Theatre is a multi-platformed press release and show review organisation, that has built a strong reputation across the industry in the promotion of professional theatre.

For a long time we have been looking at how we can harness the reputation of At The Theatre to help Amateur theatre by:

  • Promoting amateur theatre productions
  • Supporting societies in recruiting members
  • Providing individuals opportunities to showcase their talent
  • Protecting the legacy of amateur theatre across the UK


Our new services will:

  • Provide access to a rapidly expanding dedicated community of theatre goers who actively look for shows to attend.
  • Promote your press releases, auditions and shows using our At The Theatre branding and our weekly AmaTuesday social media announcements.
  • Deliver a marketplace for selling, hiring or trading costumes, sets, props, scripts (launching Autumn 2019)
  • Introduce ‘The Green Room’ where individuals can ask for advice, share ideas, generally discuss all things theatrical (Coming Winter 2019).
  • Support the casting process through our Biography search (coming Spring 2020)
  • We hope this site will be seen as THE community hub for amateur theatre, one where all members contribute to the future development of Amateur theatre.


  • Our commitment to our theatre family is that we are also establishing a charitable foundation whereby every time a society signs up, we will contribute 10% of your fee to a fund that will be used to give undiscovered talent opportunities to showcase their skills. More details on this will be shared with societies in 2020.

Society Membership to the site will launch at a reduced rate of £100 for the first year, with six month’s free access to listing items on the marketplace, after this time marketplace will be charged at an additional £50 for the remaining six months. Full access will be £200 on renewal. In return for these services, we require to be linked from society webpages and an advertising space be providing in any show programmes.

By sharing the word of, you will be helping promote not only your show, but all amateur theatre shows across the UK.